Barry_M Gelly_Hi-Shine_in_Huckleberry
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Huckleberry - £3.99

Oh Bazza M and your Gelly polishes, can you do any wrong? No you can't. Initially I was torn between this and Sugar Apple, however on a whim I decided to pick up Huckleberry as its more me - you totally know I'll end up buying Sugar Apple too. Unlike some of the other Gelly polishes I have tried this takes two coats before its fully opaque. I'm not going to lie, but the above swatches do not do this polish justice, and if you can see on the top stick near the bottom especially you can see how opaque it is.

Unlike other Gelly polishes I do find that after a few days this polish does look rather dull and not as shiny as it is when first applied. Lasting wise, I normally get a good 3-4 days without any chip wear, longer if I apply it at a weekend. This has been my go to nail polish over the last few weeks, and considering how hot the weather has been do you blame me for going to this summery shade? Now the next important question is what shade do I buy next? What do you recommend?