Maybelline Baby Lips, W7 Nail Polish, Rimmel Apocalips - all £1.99 from Making Faces. Models Own for Tan Polish - £5 and L'oreal True Match Foundation £9.99 - both from Boots.

After IMATS I declared that I was going to be on a spending ban when it came to beauty products (apart from the bare essentials). However a lunchtime trip to Durham and then Saturday shopping with Judith, you can see what happened. First part of the haul was from Making Faces (in the old Triple S store, down from the Post Office) when I called into Durham. After posting my last haul (post here), it was recommended that I try the Mango Baby Lips so in the name of research I picked one of those up. 

Next up was something which I nearly picked up in the initial haul, however for some reason decided to put back even thought it was only £1.99. Yes I know I'm late on the Apocalips bandwagon, however I had to pick up the shade I always swatch when in Boots/Superdrug and that's Luna. Oh why didn't I purchase this earlier - it reminds me of Mac's Shy Girl in a liquid form. Best £1.99 I've spent in a long time. Finally from there I picked up this aqua nail polish from W7 - I'm on the fence about this, however I'll talk about that more in a review post, once I've had chance to test this further.

A trip to Outfit to collect those blue suede shoes from Topshop can only result in one thing - a trip to Boots with Judith. I managed to show some restraint and only bought the two items which I was after. First up was Models Own for Tan polish in Beach Bag - I was actually surprised that Boots had this in stock considering there wasn't a space for the collection on the stand and this was shoved to the back of the shelf. The polish itself is LOVE - obsessed with this, I kinda feel that this is a bit bright with my uber pale skin, however interested to see what this is like when it comes to using it while fake tanned. 

I'll be honest I only own one drugstore foundation which matches my natural skin tone - normally I can't find a colour to match my skin tone, however I think L'oreal True Match Foundation in N2 Vanilla appears to be a perfect match for my skin. I haven't had chance to try this yet as my skin since London has been breaking out badly and I've been avoiding using foundations/powders/primers. Expect to see a review on these shortly. Apparently there's a new make up shop opened in Dalton Park which me and Judith will be visiting at the weekend - all in the name of research for the blog obviously.