Payday Wishlist

BOOM - payday wishlist on payday, one for the books. From this pay onwards I'm having to start to watch the pennies as I've had to buy a new(ish) car. However since when has this stopped me from shopping?? Exactly. 

First up on the list is another striped dress, this time from Just Female at Asos. Yes £54 may be expensive for a dress, however I am partial to a stripy dress. Although knowing my luck it'll be too short, for old lanky here. Talking about being lanky, I can move straight into the fact that I am loving ASOS Tall - yes I know it's taken them an absolute age, but good things come to those who wait. I could happily buy one of everything from the range, however I'm tempted to buy this tee, yet it looks like a crop top on the model.... not a good look for me I'm afraid.

I'm well and truly back on the fitness mission now - I made the stupid mistake of going on the scales last week, never again. Anyway it's given me the motivation to get back into the gym and another excuse to buy some snazzy Nike's. I don't know but for some strange reason when it comes to sports wear, my trainers are always Nike and bottoms are always Adidas. I always stick to that, never deviate from it. Don't say I'm the only one who does this?

Finally two randoms - I've been after a yellow shift dress for a while now, and I love the look of this In the Style by Lauren Pope dress, however knowing my luck it won't even skim my backside. So if anyone can link me to a yellow shift dress, I'd really appreciate it. Do I need another face cream? Nope, however I do want to try Origins GinZing daily moisturiser and apparently Boots have a set which gives you a sample of the eye cream and a mini mascara for the same price as the face cream. I may have to pick this up - all in the name of research you know.