Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream / Bright Pink - £3.99

As we're in the middle of the good old British Summer (now that I've mentioned that it will rain), I go through the age of deliberation problem of what colours do I want to paint my nails. Do you go for the contrast between your fingers and your toes, matchy matchy, or do you do have certain nail polishes which only look good on your fingers and other ones which look good on your toes? 

Normally what I attempt to do is to try and have some sort of similiar polish on both my fingers and toes. That may be a shade of blue or the combo I normally go for is a shade of pink and the two shades which I have been reaching for is Barry M's Strawberry Ice Cream and Bright Pink (which I swiped off Judith). Ironically I find that Strawberry Ice Cream is more of a finger nail colour, and the Bright Pink looks good on both. As with all Barry M polishes two coats are required to for the colours to be fully opaque, however I would warn you to take your time when applying Strawberry Ice Cream. This does have the tendency to look streaky so take that as a word of warning.

I don't know if it's just me, but considering your on your feet the majority of the day, baring your toes to the elements in sandals etc, but I can leave polish on my nails for two weeks and it looks as good as it was when I first applied it? Why can't this not happen when applying to your finger nails. Girl problems or what. Normally Barry M is on offer for 3 for 2 or buy one get one half price, however if you had to ask me to choose one or the other to keep I would have to say Bright Pink. Purely due to the fact it works on both your finger and toe nails. 

How do you paint your fingers/toes? (That sounds weird.... yes I know).