Dr Lewinn's Renunail Nail Strengthener

Hands up before starting this post - I think the above set is actually exclusive to duty free. So unless your thousands of feet in the air, I don't think you're going to be able to get your hands on the kit (Edit - you can get this from their website). However you can buy these separately and to be honest there's only one product out the three I'd say spend your money on. A bit of background about me and my nails - my nails used to grow like wildfire, long and strong. However starting to work in the Co-op from the age of 16 my nails were ruined, 13 years later and they're finally in some sort of decent condition.

My problem with my nails is not the fact that they take ages to grow, but the fact that they constantly split. I cut them down and then they magically manage to split. I've tried numerous nail growth products from Sally Hansen, to Mavala to OPI Nail Envy and yes they may work temporarily, as soon as I stop using them my nails are back to square one. I've seen quite a lot of reviews about the Renunail Nail Strengthener and every single one was raving about this product. Does it live up to the hype? Oh yes!!

Normally I do this Sunday-Saturday and start on the Sunday by painting two coats and then another coat every day. The instructions say every other day, but due to the state of my nails I prefer to paint everyday. You repeat this process for three weeks and then have a two week rest. Personally I normally ignore the latter step and paint my nails with the clear (but not reapply every day). Since using this, my nails are much stronger and haven't been splitting as much as they used too and its all down to this product. Even through all my illness and uni stress, its had no impact on my nails at all.

The programme recommends you use the cuticle oil in conjunction with the nail polish to stimulate growth, however I prefer to use my OPI Avoplex (review here) instead. Once you've completed the programme you can then use the nude nail polish like a regular polish. However don't be fooled by the pinky nudeness in the bottle - its basically another clear nail polish which on my makes my nails look dirty. I've since passed this over to mother dearest who is also raving about the effect that its had on her nails (her nails don't grow very fast). 

All in all I would highly recommend this strengthener as even though I'm not using this at the moment my nails are still in really good condition. Plus look at the size of the bottle - that's supersized nail polish right there - think of the value for money. Have you tried this range?