Starting today on the blog, I've got a bit of a summer tanning series, showing you how to get that summer glow without having to bake outside/on the sunbeds. First up is a brand I've read about in the magazines, yet never been able to find any stockists of Famous Dave's Tan, however Click Fragrance has a wide selection (link). Anyway if you're a regular reader of the blog, you know how much I love the fake tan, especially the darker than dark tans (aka the lazy girl tan). However, I'm now starting to lean towards the medium-dark tans, especially for work.

Over the last few weeks I've been testing out Famous Dave's Spray Tan in the shade Medium-Dark and I have to admit I'm very impressed with the brand. I won't lie, the term spray tan does scare me as I'm used to using mousse, however all what I do is apply the product in exactly the same way. All what I do is spray the product onto the mitt and then apply. What I find with this is that a little goes a long way, so you're not wasting any product. There is also a guide colour, so you will definately know if you've missed a bit. However if you go over the same area, the colour pay off once rinsed is even so no need to worry.

Normally I'll apply the one coat and leave on over night - the shade once washed looks like you've been away for a few days. Its not as dark as other medium tans, however for work its fine. I would recommend doing another coat on your legs though, as it may just be me, but the tan doesn't take as well. However I normally apply two coats of this and the results as you can see in the above picture isn't too dark, but it's dark enough. Win win in my books.

Normally I find that after 2-3 days this starts to fade on my hands/elbows (basically the usual places), however all in all, this tan fades quite naturally over the course of a week. Personally I like to get rid of my old tan before retanning, however using an oil based moisturiser or an exfoliating  glove will get rid of any tan no problem. If you are a pro at the old fake tan I would recommend this as an alternative to using mousse/lotion as you get value for money. However if you are a fake tan newbie, I'd recommend using a mousse (like this). Have you tried Famous Dave's tan?

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