There's a new fake tan on the block, and trust me it's going to be a big deal. Over the last few weeks I've been testing LDN:Skins self tan mousse in tone 3 (medium/dark) and it has to be the most natural looking tan I've tried. If you are a regular reader, you will know how much I love dark fake tan and I jumped straight into reviewing the medium/dark shade. If you are a fake tan newbie, I would recommend going for either the gradual tan or the medium. 

LDN:Skins is a professional range, which aims to provide natural looking tan regardless of your complexion. All their products are packed with organic ingredients which is always a bonus. Unlike many other tanning brands, LDN:Skins products come with a mitt which will always come in handy. Even though the mousse is medium/dark, the guide colour leans more towards medium than dark. As I normally leave my fake tan on overnight to develop, I found that the tan didn't deepen that much, and I was very apprehensive about rinsing the guide colour off thinking that I'd be washing my tan down the drain. Very little guide colour comes off - so the colour you can see above is of one coat and I'd literally just washed the tan off. Impressive.

As you can see I would probably say that one coat equals a medium coverage and two coats would be dark. The tan is really easy to apply and doesn't go streaky. Now LDN:Skins claims to say that the tans scent is that of English Lavender, however a few people commented saying that it smelt of chocolate - not a bad thing if you ask me. One coat of this lasted a good 5 days before starting to fade, and unlike many other tans it faded evenly. Win win in my books. If you're looking for a new fake tan, I definitely would recommend LDN:Skins.

* PR Sample