You know what it's like once you get a new shampoo/conditioner... it claims the world, yet in reality fails to deliver such claims. Now I’ll hold my hands up and admit that while I’ve been trying these Color Extend shampoo and conditioner from Redken, my hair had been coloured a few weeks before, however I have to admit I’m very impressed with this shampoo and conditioner.

First up note the sizes of the products – the conditioner is 50ml smaller than the shampoo. MAJOR THUMBS UP in my books – I always get through shampoo quicker than conditioner, so this is a winner for me. Onto the products themselves, after the first wash my hair was super shiny and soft (basically the look you get at the hairdressers), the same happened on the second wash, then the third. Obviously alarm bells were starting to go off as normally for me shampoo/conditioners work well for the first few washes and then you see no difference. Not with this Redken duo – every time I have used this I’ve found that my hair is super shiny and manageable.

I feel like this post is a bit of a biased post towards Redken, however from all the products I’ve used from their range, I’m yet to find anything wrong with the range. Normally I use these in conjunction with their Color Extend Radiant 10 Spray (review here), or I might use another shampoo, then their Extreme CAT Protein Spray (review here) and then the conditioner. Regardless of how I use these products, either together or separately, they work really well with my hair.

Obviously I can’t comment on how well this works with freshly dyed hair, however I have noticed that there’s very little dye coming out my hair when I’m rinsing it. So it’s definitely working in keeping the dye in my hair. I’m currently 7 weeks post hair dye and apart from my roots, my colour is still intact. No red is coming through – all in all a winner in my books.

I've mentioned this a million times, but if you want to buy any Redken products - HairTrade is the cheapest stockist online and currently Redken items are on 3 for 2. If you go to the MetroCentre, there is a store upstairs next door to Boots - I haven't been in a while, however normally they stock some of the range. Deffo worth checking out.

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