You know I'm starting to get annoyed with the fact that I can easily get through skin and body products like there's no tomorrow, yet struggle to use up a make up product. This will be my mission! Anyway onto the products I've recently used up.

Sanex Deodorant - stops you stinking, simple as. This is the brand of deodorant I always keep coming back to. 

VO5 Miracle Concentrate Oil - remember when this was the hair must have and you couldn't find it anywhere. I have to admit that I'm not a fan of this and prefer to use Macadamia Oil over this. However I have been using this on the ends of my hair extensions after washing to prevent the ends from being flyaway. This really does work on the extensions, yet on my hair I felt like this weighed everything down, One major gripe with this is that the dispenser stopped worked soon after purchase, like it has dried up. Won't repurchase. Review here.

Tom Ford Black Orchid - one of my holy grail perfumes, this bottle has lasted me just over a year, however this is normally saved for nights out/special occasions. I've done a review on this here, and I'm after a bottle of Velvet Orchid now. LOVE. 

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser - It's a cross between this and Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish as to what my holy grail cleanser is. However I did start to fall out of love with this towards the end. Initially my face would feel squeaky clean after using it and a visible difference could be seen, yet this soon disappeared. I would probably repurchase this, once I've gotten through the 1001 other cleansers I currently own. 

Body Shop Almond Hand Cream - Even though I'm not a fan of almonds, I actually really have enjoyed using this. I've got another two tubes to get through. Will I repurchase? Lets see how I feel once I've gotten through the other tubes.

Paul Mitchell Dry Wash Express Waterless Shampoo* - The best dry shampoo ever. I've already wrote a full review of this here, however I will be repurchasing.

Soap and Glory Hand Food - This is the hand cream I always end up going back too - probably due to the fact that I've amassed quite a few through gift sets and presents. You don't need me to explain what this is like, as to me this is the one product I think is associated with Soap and Glory. I'd repurchase if I didn't have loads to get through.

Not shown - Cotton Wool/Fake Tan Mitt - essentials really.

2014 Total - 62

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