Soap and Glory The Daily Smooth Body Butter - £9.00 Boots

Hand on heart I never thought I actually owned many body butters (my stash of Hawaiian Tropic doesn't count), until I moved house and had all beauty products placed in the one bedroom. If I'm honest with you, the amount I own is quite simply shocking, however as I won't be buying any more body products until Christmas, I'm now on a mission to get products used up. 

The first product I've been reaching for recently is Soap and Glory's The Daily Smooth Body Butter which is targeted especially for those who suffer from dry skin. Luckily my skin isn't in too bad condition, except for the patches of dry skin on my shin. The only S+G body butters I've used in the past has been their Righteous Butter which I love, however I think I prefer this to that. A word of warning with this, is that it is very thick - a little does go a long way, however one downside of this product is that it does take a while to sink into your skin.

Normally I prefer to use this on my legs and elbows and I'm very impressed with the fact that one application of this sorts my dry skin right out. I have to admit I'm not a fan of the scent, however once worked into the skin you can't smell it at all. I understand that the price may put some people off, and as I received this as a present from Steph, I will admit that I wouldn't pay £9 for this. I've been using this constantly for 2 months now and I'm literally down to the final dregs and I use this every night. If you have normal skin, I don't think I would recommend it - maybe in the winter if your skin goes awol with the change in temperature. 

Are you a fan of Soap and Glory body butters?