Considering I’m a “beauty” blogger, there’s one job I hate more than anything and that’s painting my nails. I can do a really good paint job (sound like a decorator there), however nine times out of ten I’ll end up chipping my nails. Normally this happens just as I’m about to go somewhere. If you are a regular reader of the blog, you will know that normally around Christmas time I get shellac/gel nails to keep my nails looking perfect amongst the 1001 nights out.
Over the last six weeks I’ve been trying out the EZ Soak-Off Gel Nail system at home and I have to admit if I can do (well attempt) gel nails at home, you can too. I’m going to do a more in depth step by step post on how to apply gel nails and then how to remove them, so today’s post is more of a review/overview of the system and my initial thoughts.
As I’m an absolute amateur when it comes to gel polishes – I found an EZ Nails demo on YouTube (link) which I’ve been following on my laptop while doing my nails. This video has been an absolute lifesaver. The EZ nail range contains a nail cleanser which cleans and dehydrates your nails prior to applying the clear foundation gel – cue for a minute. Then two coats of the coloured polish with a curing time of 2 mins between each and then a coat of the top it off top coat to finish.
I’ll be honest doing this process on yourself is a bit time consuming and takes me about 45-50mins to do. Personally I find doing one hand in its entirety is easier than doing each step at a time on both hands. I’ve also had a go at doing Steph’s nails and it took me half the time. It’s worth noting that you can use your normal nail polish with this system – all what you do is use a normal base coat and two coats of your normal nail polish, leave them to dry and then apply the top coat and cure for 2 minutes. If you want just clear nails (ideal to help strengthen them), just use the foundation gel and then the top it off gel.
I haven’t used the remover, instead opting to use acetone to remove them, however as the remover is acetone based, I’ve been using this to clean up any normal nail polish. I’ve been very impressed with the colour selection in the range, and over the last few weeks I’ve had Pink Smoothie on my nails – an opaque baby pink. In the name of research I’ve had this on my nails for three weeks before my hair would get caught in my nails (this is the test of when I need to remove gel polish). The colour doesn't fade, nor look “dirty” which is what I’ve previously seen with other brands of polishes.
Onto the lamp itself – ignore the nail polish stain, is 36 watts and has a 2 minute timer on the back. I found it much easier manually turning the lamp on/off and measuring the time using the stop watch on my phone. However there is one downside with this lamp and that is the fact that the bulbs aren't secure and I've noticed that prior to using the lamp you need to make sure (when the lamp is unplugged) that the bulbs are securely in otherwise the bulb won't turn on. Also I've had to replace one of the bulbs, however you can pick these up for £2 online. As the lamp is UV I would recommend putting some cream with an SPF on the back of your hands prior to using just to protect your skin.
Overall I am very impressed with how affordable and versatile the EZ Soak-Off Nails Gel System can be. I'd be the first to admit that I'm not good painting my own nails, however I am amazed that I can create a salon finish in my own home. My efforts haven't gone unnoticed neither - I've got the women in the office at work, as well as my friends wanting me to do their nails ready for Christmas. Is it time for a career change?? I'll do a more in depth post of gel nail application and removal in two separate posts, so keep your eyes peeled for that.
* This post contains PR samples