Quite frankly THE GREATEST BLOG TITLE EVER!! I'm not going to lie, as soon as I agreed to try out some products from Hello, there was only one song which came to mind... Anyway moving along... Hello oral hygiene has just launched in the UK from America. The tag line with their products is naturally friendly and aims to do what any regular toothpastes/mouthwash/breath sprays do but without all the added nasties. 

Over the last few weeks I've been trying their mouthwash in mojito mint and a breath spray in pink grapefruit mint. Personally I have a love/hate relationship with mouth wash, I think since having my tonsils out last year, My mouth has become more sensitive and any time I use mouthwash, cue tears running down my face. All of Hello's products are alcohol free and are ideal for those who suffer from sensitivity. I won't lie, the first few times I used this, I found the product strange - not in a bad way, instead just thinking when is the sensitivity about to start (this didn't). 

Personally I'm not a fan of mojito's (the drink), however I found the mouthwash not to be overbearing and leaves my teeth/mouth feeling clean. The only niggle I have with this product is the lid - when fasted it doesn't feel secure and product does slightly leak if I knock it over/lying it down to take these photos. However it may be the case that I haven't mastered closing the bottle securely. 

Onto the breath spray - this divided my table at work over whether they liked it or not. Personally I love the dinky little spray. It fits perfectly into any handbag and due to the screw fastening, it's hygienic and you don't run the risk of loosing a top in your bag in more conventional sprays. The spray itself does initially taste of pink grapefruit, but with an after taste of mint. The breath spray does pass the curry and red onion test, which shows how much of an excellent product it is. At the moment the products are being sold exclusively in Boots and Selfridges, although if you're from the North East I'm yet to see these products in any of my local Boots so it will probably be worth ordering offline. Next up on the list to try is their toothpaste.