There’s no two ways about it, lighting sets a mood. In some unfortunate circumstances, the mood can be a harsh fluorescent one, prompting feelings of uneasiness or discontent. For the style conscious and sartorially savvy set, designing a great lighting scheme is key to the transformation from a house into a home.

While many will opt for a basic overhead grid lighting design or a series of strategically placed lamps to create a certain ambiance, the reality is that wall lights are some of the most effective (and stylish) luminary options available. Here are just a few of the many reasons why...

Perception is everything
It’s a little known lighting fact that the eye perceives light very well against vertical surfaces. Wall lights can create an enhanced perception of brightness in any space with half the energy output of other options like recessed downlights. With a few strategically placed fixtures, wall lights can make a space feel warm and bright in no time.

Vamp up the Vanity
Many bathroom vanities feature downlights over the mirror without any light on the sides. For functional vanity spaces where activities like tweezing, shaving and makeup applications take place, installing wall fixtures on either side of the mirror at eye level help to minimise shadows and provide even distribution, which can make time spent in the mirror endlessly flattering.

Flood a Feature
Wall lights are also great accent lights, literally highlighting particularly great pieces of artwork or architecture in any space. Consider installing some stylish and understated wall lights to accent some of your favourite nooks, crannies and collectibles for the ultimate in sophisticated style.

Creating a beautiful and functional lighting scheme in the home is no easy feat. Every light source needs to work together to create a cohesive look and feel that provides both functional light and stylish accents throughout.