As I get older, the amount of jewellery I wear is getting less and less. Normally you'll see me with a necklace or two and if you're lucky a bracelet. Long gone are the days (or should that be nights out) where my wrists were stacked high of bangles and bracelets and now you'll be lucky if I wear a watch. Over the years my taste has changed and I'm more into dainty bracelets which you can stack. 

Throughout the last few weeks there's been one bracelet which hasn't been off my wrist and it's this McQ by Alexander McQueen bracelet. As much as my OCD tendencies are wanting to move the swallows so they're all facing the right way around - I'm in love with it. If you mention McQueen to me, the first thing which comes to mind is skulls and as you can see this is completely away from the norm of McQueen.

Personally I'm a big fan of the swallow design and its girly enough for work, yet when stacked with other bracelets adds that bit of edginess to an outfit. As you can see there's very little branding on the bracelet and you can only see the McQ logo upon close inspection. Over the last week I've been enjoying my pillar box red shellac and I think this bracelet is the perfect accompaniment to go with it. Also you can get a long necklace in a similar design, both of which would make a brilliant gift for a loved one. Are you a fan of McQueen??