Just look at them... quite frankly I am OBSESSED. I feel like I'm being a traitor on my Nikes by going over to the dark side of Adidas, however you know I'm a sucker for a statement printed trainer. I have to admit that I should have made the jump earlier, especially when it comes to gym footwear. I've found that even though I've only worn these a few times, I can really feel a difference when it comes to ankle support. I've never really noticed the difference in trainers until I've gotten these, however when it comes to metafit and normal gym sessions I've felt far more comfortable.

You will probably know by now from my 1001 instagram posts (if you're not following do so immediately) that I am well and truly back in the dieting and fitness mode. I'm going to be doing a post hopefully in the next week where I'll be reviewing Bootea and letting you into my new diet/fitness routine and how much weight I've lost in 28 days. So far so good, however I've got a bit to go to get back to how I was pre house move/illness. I've just spied that there's some bad boy leopard print trainers similar to this and I think I'm going to have to purchase, purely for leopard print friday. Are you a fan of bright trainers?