You’re looking for the ultimate present for your man. You know it has to be high end because he takes no prisoners when it comes to fashion, but beyond that you’re stuck. So how do you ensure it’s absolutely perfect on his wrist?

Quartz/Self Winding
While battery operated watches can be very accurate and convenient, a self-winding mechanism is what you’ll find in the very best Swiss made watches. Simply wearing the watch is often movement enough to keep it wound but a few flicks of his wrist will top it up, if necessary.

Is Swiss Best?
Watches made in many other countries could possibly keep excellent time and might even last a few years but it’s a bit like having a nice watercolour you’re aunty painted, instead of a Turner. Both paintings will hang on the wall, but there the similarity ends. True Swiss craftsmanship is handed down through generations. Each watch is assembled meticulously and with care. It is an heirloom to be handed down and the value should only increase.

If he’s always attending black-tie functions, then perhaps a dress watch would fit the bill. Whereas some might think an evening watch equals large, gold and blingy, those with a keen sense of style know that understated is always best. Opt for a subtle (no larger than 40mm) but superbly styled watch (platinum or white gold) with a sleek leather, crocodile or ostrich strap. One such watch is the Cartier Tank, which first appeared in 1922 and has graced the wrists of Cary Grant and JFK. Some say it was one of the first true dress watches and is no less popular today. There are five models to choose from.

One of the safest options, as it can move seamlessly from day to night, would be a complication, which simply means it does more than tell the time. Complications may have a calendar or chronograph, and the more complications, the more difficult it is to build. You can choose from all the prestigious brands, but if you’re looking for the ultimate statement piece, then it’s got to be a Patek Phillippe. To celebrate their 175th anniversary, they’ve brought out a limited edition range, topped by the showstopper Grandmaster Chime, with a amazing twenty complications. Which man wouldn’t love to wear one?     

Buying a vintage Swiss watch is generally a good investment. They hold their value well and totally fit in with today’s fashions. Interestingly, it’s not always the precious metal watches that are worth the most. The rarer models produced for the armed forces before WWII are highly sought after.

Choosing a watch for someone else is never easy as you must consider style and purpose. The one area where there are no variables is quality. It always pays.

* Guest Post by Millie Hope