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Why are replica watches so popular? What makes people consider wise such a purchasing decision? Apparently, people take for granted these 5 very popular and widespread myths. Remember, not everything you hear must be taken for granted, and I will explain why these beliefs are incorrect.

Replica watches look just like the original models.
This is one of the hugest lies that fake manufacturers will tell you. Maybe, for an amateur or a person who hasn’t seen the authentic watch in real life, a replica will appear to be very similar to the real product. But for anyone know knows a thing or two about the original wristwatch will immediately see all the small difference, realizing that you are pretending to be someone else- a person with a higher social status and a considerably better financial situation. Why fake who you are? People appreciate honesty and strong characters. Those who measures your value by evaluating what you are wearing, isn’t worth your attention.

Replica watches are a good investment.
Fake, fake, fake, this is the fakest myth ever. A cheap replica costs a couple hundred pounds. For some people this is still a considerably large amount of money, especially, if you consider that in a couple of months or maximum two years the watch will break. When this happens, no watchmaker will accept to fix it. The option is to either buy another £200 replica watch or an affordable original watch like Seiko, Citizen or Tissot. In this case, you will regret the unfortunate decision of ever buying a fake watch.

Replica watches are made with a Japanese or Swiss movement.
This is also false. Replica manufacturers have their factories in China. As explained in this article, all the parts are made there so obviously the quality isn’t that good. The quality control for this type of products is awful or it lacks completely. As a result of this, most fake products are delivered already defective or start to malfunction after a short period of time. Some companies offer to replace or repair the knock off, but considering the chances of getting the same low quality, why bother? You are better off saving your time, energy and money, and classifying this as a lesson well learned.

Replica watches are very durable.
Replica timepieces are advertised as having a high quality automatic movement, being made of full solid stainless steel and being plated with very resistant triple wrapped 18 k gold. Wrong again! The mechanism these fake watches use is considered as a low grade one by any self-respecting watchmaker. Most knockoffs arrive with hallow links or have the links connected by rusted screws or pins, and after a couple of months of daily wear, the gold color starts to fade off. Bottom line, you won’t be able to enjoy your imitation watch for more than a few months or so.

Replica watches will improve your style.

No fake product can improve your style. As a matter of fact, these will only damage your image and the way others interact with you because it will be obvious to them that what you are wearing is nothing more than a fake. Plus, people have the natural ability of seeing right through your designer clothes and accessories and discovering how authentic your style is. If you value fake ideals then people won’t really respect you.

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