Fourth attempt at writing this post - lets see if I can actually make some sense. I'm actually struggling how to describe a product which has an amazing impact on your hair, yet you can't describe what it actually does. When I don't this, I can feel a difference, yet still I can't tell you what that difference is. Seriously if there was a prize for how to describe a product, there you go I would have won it hands down.

Over the last month I've been trialling Label M's Blow Out Spray prior to drying my hair, a step which at times I normally miss due to the fact that some products weigh my fine hair down. This Blow Out Spray claims to create volume and provides heat and uv protection. If I'm honest I normally only worry about uv protection when I'm abroad, never in this country. If I'm honest the only way my hair will ever achieve volume is through the use of hair extensions. I have found that this product does help with volume when wearing extensions, however there is no noticeable difference on my natural hair.

This is the second product I've tried from the Label M range after trying their Sea Salt Spray a few years ago, which I wasn't impressed with - however this spray has completely changed my opinion on the brand. If the rest of the products lived up to this I would happily purchase other products from the range. I know its a bit early to say this, however I think this has won its place as holy grail. Even though the range is a professional salon range (normally found in Toni and Guy) it does come with a salon price - however you can find this at Hairtrade for £10.15 which is amazing value. I know I do rave about the excellent value of products from Hairtrade however I'm simply stating the truth - its the cheapest stockist of many high end salon and professional brands. So, next on the list is what do I need to try next from Label M?

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