Is it just me, or as soon as the first Christmas song or mention of Christmas comes, bang the weather instantly becomes freezing? The older I get, the worse I become when its dealing with the cold - I can't stand it. First things first the words most comfiest and warm boots come out - the trusty Uggs. I know that these aren't to some people's tastes, however I practically live in mine.

Obviously the price tag may put people off, as these are expensive, however I'll let you into a little secret about my classic tall chestnut boots - they're nine (yes you read right) years old. I've had them since I was 20 and they're still going strong. We'll as long as its dry they're fine - I managed to step on a chunk of glass last year and there's a small hole in the bottom of them boot.

Normally I wear these with leggings or jeans if I'm out and about doing bits and bobs, they're always in the car if I have to wear heels so I can change into them. Then I normally will wear the dark brown version with a tights and a dress at work if I'm at my desk all day. I think the purpose of this post is really to show you that if you are wanting to buy a pair of Uggs and think that the price will put you off - nine years and counting, then add in cost per wear - I think that's a pretty good deal. Oh almost forgot - remember to invest in a suede spray to use before you wear them out for the first time.