Five Guys - Bullring Birmingham

Since having a stark wake up call and the need to shift the post house move/university/illness weight, there been one thing on my mind keeping me going. I know I still need to do a post about my fitness/weight loss approach, however I have been allowing myself one cheat meal at a weekend and a cheat snack. Knowing I was going to Birmingham for FABB I was gearing up for THE ultimate cheat meal - Five Guys. Believe it or not even though I was telling Tor I'd be off the diet bandwagon for one weekend, I didn't cave once (apart from a Krispy Kreme shhhh) and took a meal replacement shake for breakfast on the Sunday in addition to my Bootea, knowing that I would be eating this.

I know people say that good things come to those who wait, and oh my god this burger was immense. Definatelyworth all those early morning weekend starts for spin class and going to the gym even when I couldn't be bothered. I knew from London that I only wanted a small portion of chips - even though they don't go halves on their portions. As for my burger I had to go for bbq with extra chilli and excessive amounts of cherry and peach fanta. As much as it pained me, quite a lot of the chips were left as I literally stuffed from the burger.

Personally I found that this Five Guys was very cramped, and I'm a fan of the Covent Garden one purely due to the fact that it's spaced out more. Regardless every bit of sweat and aching was worth it when it came to this meal. Next ultimate cheat meal has to be Fat Buddha - haven't been there in a good 4-5 months for food. This isn't good considering it was my second home at one point.