Ash Jalouse Boots

I am so annoyed by the fact that I've turned one leg up slightly more than the other, however check me out with that background? Do I count as a fashion bloggahhh now? I kid. I've already dedicated a post to the ultimate perfect camel suede boots from Ash a few months ago (link) and considering they survived a weekend in Birmingham and including running up and down four flights of stairs for FABB, I thought it was time to dedicate another post to these.

I'm not going to lie, as much as they're aesthetically pleasing to the eye, I still haven't fully worn these in. Normally after a few hours they hurt my feet like nothing else and unlike a normal night out in Durham where I'll take my heels off to walk to the taxi (classy girl I know). However I think from Birmingham I may have actually worn them in - after 12 hours of continuous wear my feet felt fine. Or could it be that they were so numb from the pain, I thought they were pain free? I'm joking.

Over the last month of so I've been reaching for these boots to pair with jeans to dress them up. There's something so simple about teaming a pair of boots with jeans and bam instantly you're dressed up. As the cold miserable weather is starting to creep up on us, its time for me to try and find the perfect winter boot - as long as they have grip and are waterproof they're a winner in my book. Have you got a pair of boots you can't live without? Let me know.

Edit - this post should have gone live yesterday - cheers for that Blogger