Fashionista The Double Collection 2 Step Mascara - £1.99 Making Faces

On another random lunchtime trip out into Durham, I just happened to end up in Making Faces with the excuse I wanted a "look around". I think we all know that is a load of bull and it was an excuse to spend some money. Upon hindsight I only spent £1.99 which for me is very good/restrained. I've been after a drug store mascara primer for quite some time and ideally just wanted a primer not a mascara/primer combo (if you know of one let me know). But for less than £2 I thought I'd go with Fashionista's version.

I don't know if Fashionista has been discontinued however my local Superdrug's don't stock this anymore, even though their products were well reviewed and recommended in the blogging community. However you can still buy their products direct from the MUA website. I've only ever used a blush from their range and for the price its been good quality. One thing which I have been blessed with is very long eye lashes and regardless of however much mascara I put on them, they only ever look good on a night out when I've applied about twenty coats of three different types of mascara (I exaggerate on the number of coats, but I use three mascaras). 

After supposed to be going out last Saturday but having to bail due to it being "that time" and feeling sick as a dog a trip to the supermarket at 10pm for diet coke and chocolate was in order. Obviously sod's law would dictate that if you look like crap you'll see everyone who you know, so I decided to whack some mascara on and hope for the best. Previously I was on the fence about using a primer for my mascara, however after using this, my lashes look even longer and appear to be more blacker if that makes sense.

If I'm honest it does make sense to prime your lashes... we prime just about everything else and it does make all the difference. Personally if you think that your lashes are short, I'd try using a primer and then see what the difference is. Am I an eye lash primer convert, yes I am, however would I pay over the odds for a primer... no chance. Why pay more when for £1.99 it does an amazing job? Are you a fan of eye lash primers?