Over the last few weeks I've been wondering how fickle us beauty bloggers really are when it comes to products. Are favourites actually favourites, and do they last the test of time. I've seen a few bloggers revisit monthly favourites and thought that I would take a look back at my 2013 favourites and see if they actually are favourites.

First up is Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser and even though I raved about this product, I started to tire of this towards the end. I haven't repurchased this, nor would actually bother repurchasing. If it came in a deluxe sample or travel size I may be tempted, however I think I'll be keeping away. Tom Ford's Black Orchid has been a staple perfume for me over the last year and if it wasn't for buying a certain Velvet Orchid perfume, this probably would have made this years' favourites. Regardless this is a constant perfume which I do reach for,

Both Ardell's Brow and Lash Growth initially worked wonders for me and I really did see a drastic improvement in the growth of my brows through the first few months of the year. However like many products if you constantly use them, I feel like they have no impact any more and this is no exception. I'm tempted to try Billion Dollar Brow or the Anastasia Brow growth serums, however I'm debating whether to start the year on a spending ban and actually trim my stash (I just felt physically sick typing that phrase).

Bioderma Micellar Water again is a favourite of mine, however if I'm honest and this may be included in my 2014 favourites is Garnier's version. To be honest Micellar Water is Micellar Water and it does the job, but if in doubt whack the Bioderma out. Even though I haven't repurchased Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment I will definitely be buying this once I've used my current eye creams up, nothing else I've tried since this has been as effective. I'd happily give this holy grail status.

Next up is nails and I'm still a massive fan of Barry M's Hi-Shine Gelly Polish range - especially on your toe nails. Happily recommend and purchase other polishes in the range. As for Dr Lewinns Renunail range - I'm currently testing Rimmel's Nail Nurse which is a similar concept to the Dr Lewinns for a fraction of a price. If the Rimmel version works, I won't repurchase, however if it doesn't work as well, I'd be buying the Dr Lewinns version again.

Last two products I'm going to be honest with you, I can't tell you the last time I used either Mac's MSFN or Osmo's Wonder 10 Product. Instead of using powder for nights out, I've been using Ben Nye's Banana Powder when needed and that's it. I really feel like I should get certain products used up and my Mac MSFNs are some of them. Maybe that's my 2015 resolution? Finally I'm flitting between products for my hair - there is one staple which you will see in my 2014 favourites, but until then I'm keeping quiet. 

I challenge you to revisit your favourites - let me know if they're still favourites or like you have seen above, completely forgotten about.