Hands down 2014 for me has been all about the brows, plus it doesn't help hanging around with the queen of brows Tor. However I am going to tell you a story about me and my brows - once upon a time, the thought of filling in my eyebrows, filled me with a sense of a dread. Plus getting your brows filled in with Benefit's Bad Girl eye liner (yes you've read correct) during your bridesmaid make up trial may have slightly made me wary about any product touching my brows.

Since attending a Benefit Brow Bar launch in Middlebrough (post here) I will only ever go to a Benefit Brow Bar to get my brows done - either at Debenhams Boro (you have to book weeks in advance) or at Boots in Newcastle. I go through phases of products which I use on my brows - firstly I would only use Mac Lingering, however this is normally kept in my bag on nights out. Then Benefit Brow-zings was next on the list, the light palette for during the day and then the medium for nights out. 

Following on from that and to this day is still a firm favourite, I used Smashbox's Brow Tech to Go and only recently realised that there's actually a clear gel in the bottom of this (on the ball can you tell). Lastly I've moved onto my current favourite combination of products - Mac Mystery eyeshadow which I initially bought as a crease shade to go with Club, with Rimmel's Brow This Way to set it in place.

Lately (this may just be me being lazy) I've been asking for the tint to be quite dark so it lasts longer, and I'm now starting to see how much decently groomed brows make an impact on my general day to day appearance (its nothing flash if I'm honest with you - chronic bitch face at times while at work). As I'm always on the look out for new products to try when it comes to my brows (including growth serums), let me know what brow products you swear by as I'd be very interested to know.