If you look in my handbag at any given time, you’d be surprised at the amount of makeup I carry around with me considering I wear hardly any during the day while I’m at work. Nights out I like to apply make up with a trowel – literally the more the better. Every time I go away, I always attempt to pack light; yet want to take practically my makeup collection away with me. I think I may have found a compact palette which covers you for highlighter, bronzer/contour and blush courtesy of Sleek’s Face Form Palette in Light.

I think this post will mainly be a first impressions post, as I’ve only had this since last week; however I wanted this post up ready for last minute Christmas nights out and for New Year, actually let’s even throw in travelling. This palette is aimed for lighter skin tones, however a word of warning the bronzer/contour shade is quite dark when I’m not tanned. A lighter application is all what you need though to overcome it.

If I’m honest I find that the bronzer and blush combo is slightly too much for me, during the day, so for work I’ve just been using the Rose Gold blusher by itself. If you’re not a fan of a shimmery blush I would suggest buying their Contour Palette instead. Colour pay off from all the products is exceptional, yet this isn’t just the case with this palette, I’ve found it with all Sleek products. Normally for nights out I prefer to use a matte blusher, so this hasn’t come out with me yet; however for travelling it’s going to be ideal.

For £9.99 you get all three colours in a compact palette (think the same depth as their eye shadow palettes) with a large mirror in, ideal for when you can’t get near a mirror on nights out/saves you taking one for travelling. I think my only gripe with this product is the fact that all three products are equal sizes – personally I would have preferred less highlighter (let’s be honest who actually hits pan on highlighter) and maybe more bronzer. Also it’s worth noting that the blusher is only available in the fair/light palettes, the darker shades consist of bronzer, contour and a highlighter.

Ps – If you’re looking for a last minute Christmas gift/stocking filler – look no further than this.