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It seems that anyone who is anyone is no longer just content with singing, acting or writing a novel or two. At one time, the expected stream of diversification of a celebrity or star was to lend their name to a new perfume, usually just in time for the Christmas shopping rush. But, times have changed and creating their own clothing range is something that many a celebrity is diving into in the 21st century. In most cases, the results are predictable: everyone loves their gear! And for those seriously considering in investing in wholesale clothing ranges, could be making a very wise move indeed…

The Internet – the perfect, powerful tool!
The advent of the Internet has been a blessing when it comes to commerce. No longer do you have to be content with just selling to the local populace; you can branch out, offering item from a whole clothing range to domestic and foreign markets. Your goods could end up as far as New Zealand or New York; the world really is your oyster. And this powerful tool is waiting for you to tap into it; all you need is a product, a website or a shop on one of the favourite auction or selling sites, whether that is eBay or Amazon. Signing up to the secure method of payment such as PayPal, makes your business an even more attractive proposition.

So, which celebrities are taking the clothing world by storm and what can we learn from them…?

This diva of popular music is a liked celebrity with some great, catchy hits under her belt but it seems that she has always hankered to sell her own clothing range… but rather than branch out completely on her own, she has teamed up with well-known high street retailer River Island.
Aimed at ‘young sassy women’ with personalities to match, her range is considered hot to trot for all those young things out there. However, the only downside is the price, with many experts suggesting that a dress costing £75 may well be out of the price range of the sassy young things that Rihanna has aimed her range at. Rumours are she could be about to launch her own clothing line; keep an eye out to see how it goes…

Kelly Brook
Many women enjoy the collection of swimwear that Kelly both designs and models, simply because she has the look, some say, of a real woman – in other words, she has curves and shows them! Again, teaming up with a popular high street store, Kelly’s latest swimwear offering is in New Look stores across the country. Better still, the prices are well within the range of the high street shopper.

Dannii Minogue
Known for her judging on X Factor, Dannii Minogue is known as an astute business woman but she has shocked the fashion world with her latest collection as part of Project D, launched back in 2010. Whilst the world though she would create tight fitting, almost too outlandish for the real world collections, she has created a chic, class look with her dress and accessories in the 2014 collection. Again, she had realised the power of hooking up with an established brand with an established customer base, making her clothing collection available through the popular catalogue ‘Simply Be’.

The Kardashians
Think what you will of these American fly-on-the-wall reality TV stars, they have business acumen that is trading on their name – their brand so to speak – and have created a clothing that is proving incredibly popular. Catwalks across the world missed animal prints with black staples and guess what the Kardashian Kollection includes? Yes, that’s right, animal prints and staple black items. Perfect for anyone trendy shopper on the high street and all you need to do to get your mitts of this designer gear is pop into your local Dorothy Perkins store. But, the price tag is bigger than the usual Dorothy Perkins stuff…

The Beckhams
Again, not always the most popular couple with the Great British public (or media) and sometimes treated with disdain, it seems however that the time has come to take both Victoria and David seriously, especially when it comes to their clothing range.
Victoria has wooed the critics with her clean cut tailoring, and David’s undergarments are causing a storm in H&M; both collections are doing so well in UK that world domination is round the corner.

And so, can YOU do it?!

Yes, you can and the common denominator that runs through all of the above is example is this: they all know their market, their target consumer and have tapped into a ready market. You may not be able to get your gear in Top Shop just yet but, tagging your website close to an established market and pushing your gear in all the right place is a great way to start. 

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