Happy New Year!! Even though it's the first of January I'm refusing to take off my Christmas onesie until I have eaten all the Christmas chocolates before I'm back in the gym tomorrow. Anyway instead of New Years Resolutions and the same old shite, I thought I would set out some blogging aims (I'm not calling them goals) to see if it will keep me on track. For a split second I thought I would include some personal goals however as its a certain someone's birthday on Sunday I'd save them for a separate post.

As much as I would like to set the bar really high for the aims for this, I need to take into consideration the fact that I have two jobs and what free time I have to write, I will be productive. Lets go..

1 - Schedule posts in advance. Once upon a time I would schedule a full weeks worth of posts on a Sunday, however towards the back end of the year my posting has become very sporadic. I am wanting to have a set schedule with posts, ideally four posts per week. However for the interim I'm trying to figure out how realistic this can be. Once I know what I'm doing, I'll let you know,

2 - Improve my photography. I have to admit that over the last year my photos have improved, however I have a DSLR which I hardly know how to use to its full potential. Over the next year I want to keep bettering myself, and I may even take a photography course (don't laugh it might happen).

3 - Interact more. Earlier last year I religiously took part in #bbloggers chats, however that trailed off. This year I want to engage more in using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to promote the blog, but also more importantly to talk to fellow bloggers/readers.

4 - Variety. Over the last year my interests have mainly been beauty focused when it came to here, however it's time to start throwing some different posts into the mix.

5 - Try not to use the blog as an excuse to spend money. Fellow bloggers are a bad influence (YES TOR I AM TALKING TO YOU) when it comes to making you need to buy certain things. So before I go on a wild rampage in Boots or Superdrug I'm taking a step back and seeing whether I really need it. Plus considering I'm sorting the third bedroom aka beauty room out, it's shocking to see the amount of products which I have accumulated. So, spending ban it is.

What are your New Years goals/resolutions, let me know.