Over the last few months my hair is becoming more and more flyaway and prone to static - I still blame the type of water in the village as this doesn't happen at the parents. Back in the day (how old do I sound there), I used to swear by serums on my hair to tame any frizz, however after continuous use my hair was more prone to looking lank. Due to having a muted ombre on my hair and repeated bleach baths to get rid of all traces of red and dark brown on the ends of my hair, I've become super paranoid again about breakage and keeping my hair in as good condition as possible.

While in Tesco the other week I spotted that Leo Bancroft's range was on offer (I paid £2.66 for this) and after having such a good experience of using his Beautifully Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner (review here) I thought I would give this a go. Plus for under £3 (and £4 full price) you can't be robbed and picked it up. The serum is aimed for frizzy hair, however my main issue is fly away hairs and to tame the ends of my hair (mainly when in any sort of braid). 

Don't be heavy handed with this as a little bit of this goes a very long way - I literally get the smallest amount on my hands and work it into wet hair before drying. If I feel like I need any more product I'll add it, but truth be told I don't need any. The product itself doesn't weigh your hair down and smells amazing. Next time you're in Tesco I'd definitely recommend picking up a product (or two) to try from the range. Yet another winner in my eyes.