Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, which is perfect because you can plan something for the entire weekend. But if a trip to New York or Paris if off the cards, what else can you do to make your Valentine’s weekend feel extra special? Here are some more affordable ways to inspire some romance for Cupid’s favourite day, February 14th.

1| Spa Weekend
You don’t have to travel far from home to experience a little bit of fairytale romance. Taking yourselves out of your usual setting can be so liberating if you’re the type of couple who don’t get away much. And what’s more luxurious and relaxing than a spa weekend in a lavish hotel in one of Britain’s famous spa towns? We have so many lovely spa towns such as Bath or Harrogate – it would be such a shame not to take advantage.  

2| Camping Under the Stars
It may not sound particularly romantic to the less adventurous but camping is really amazing for “quality couple time”. With nothing but the sights and sounds of nature surrounding you, a camping weekend is all about spending time with each other – and it probably wouldn’t hurt to turn off your phones either! For those who just can’t survive without life’s little luxuries, there’s always glamping, the more sophisticated version of camping.

3| A UK City Break
A romantic getaway doesn’t have to involve planes and passports. Some of the food, drink and entertainment can be found much closer to home. For an affordable city break, why not explore a UK destination instead? We’re so lucky to have some amazing cities; London, Liverpool, Bath, Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and York are really beautiful and you will find plenty to do. To make your weekend extra special, book yourselves into a luxury apartment through Urban Retreat Apartments.

4| Culinary Weekend
We may not have the heat of the Mediterranean or the beaches of the Adriatic, but we definitely have a strong handful of Michelin starred chefs. Food is good in Britain – actually, it’s better than good – it’s fantastic. From Tom Kerridge’s Hand & Flowers gastro pub to Andrew Fairlie’s lavish restaurant in Perthshire, there are so many Michelin starred hotel restaurants to choose from in the UK.

5| Countryside Retreat

It may rain by the bucket load in Britain but at least we have a plush, green countryside to show for it. If you want an amazing backdrop to your romantic weekend, you won’t need to leave our pretty little island this year. The Lake District, The Cotswolds or The Norfolk Broads are just a few of the places you could visit with your loved one this Feb. 

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