As much as the New Year is the perfect opportunity to get on the health and fitness bandwagon - the reality is that this lasts a few weeks at that. If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know that since September I have been on a mission to get back on the health and fitness bandwagon and as much as it was a success, come the 20th December until today I've been far too relaxed for my liking.

In addition to making more healthier choices when it came to food, I also started to drink a detox tea first thing on a morning. I've already reviewed Bootea (link), however after sponsoring FABB Birmingham, I am currently onto my third packet of Skinny Boo's 15 day teatox. Personally I prefer to drink this first thing on a morning when I get to work, alongside a glass of water, however as long as you remember to drink it, I haven't seen an effects on my diet.

The 15 Day Detox Tea comes with 30 bags, one to be drank on a morning and one to be drank on an evening. Personally I only have the one on a morning, so a packet lasts for 30 days. On the run up to my Christmas do (week to the event) I was having the morning and evening teas and did see that my stomach was much flatter. However even by having the one tea a day, my stomach is flatter than it was.

Skinny Boo Tea contains natural ingredients to help aid weight loss and detox the body, and with all detox teas to read all information relating to the product. Personally I believe that this isn't a appetite suppressant as an hour after drinking this I would have porridge for my breakfast at work, which is the right way to diet/be healthier. Personally I have been taking breaks from this, and have only restarted drinking this after a two week break. 

Out of all the detox teas I've tried this is the one which I would recommend, it tastes better and I've seen better results (less bloating and feeling better within myself) using Skinny Boo over other teas. However as with all detox teas and wanting to undertake a healthy eating plan, I would suggest that if you have any concerns to speak to your doctor.