As today marks the third decade of my life (even though I don't look a day older than 29 - just give me that one for today at least), I will be scoffing all those strawberry creams before I'm back well and truly on the diet and fitness bandwagon tomorrow. Just realised that this is #85 and I was born in 85 -quite apt. Anyway I shared with you my blogging goals and aims for 2015 (link) and instead of incorporating personal and beauty related goals in that post I thought it would be more apt to share those today.

1 - Establish a proper skincare routine. Writing on this little part of the internet has enabled me to try many different types of skincare, however with flitting between products, I feel like my skin doesn't necessarily benefit from this. Up until today (I don't want to tempt fate) I have been blessed with good skin which normally relied on very little upkeep. However since the 1st January I have been sticking to a routine and as I discover products etc which will remain in the routine I am going to have this as a year long feature in order to keep pushing myself to stick to the routine. However after a night out I can tell you now I'll still be using make up wipes - why break a habit of a lifetime eh.

2 - Health/Fitness. I know what I need to do and its back on the health and fitness bandwagon. Move more and make more healthier choices (still having my cheat meal though). Back to the double spin classes starting next Saturday. No pain, no gain and all that jazz.

3 - Stop worrying/stressing. I am a born worrier, I over exaggerate things in my head, get chewed up about things and this needs to stop. Don't get me wrong, I do find an element of stress useful to give me the motivation to get things done, however over the last year with my degree I suffered the consequences of stress and it's been a sharp wake up call. Having a house doesn't help matters at times,

4 - Do what I want to do/Saying YES more. The next year I need to start doing things which make me happy, instead of sitting back and doing noting whilst worrying about what the consequences would be of those actions. Basically instead of putting people first, I'm going to start putting myself first and if the consequence is negative - so be it, I'll deal with it when it happens. If people can't support your choices/actions and be there for you, should they really be in your life? Profound words there now that I'm that age (sorry still can't bring myself to say the age).

5 - Be Happy. Simple as that. Whether that be getting a new job, buying a new handbag (that will be happening), doing something spontaneous, who knows, but as long as I'm happy doing it, who cares.

Finally thank you for all the birthday messages on Twitter/Facebook and Instagram. Muchos love.