One thing which I am often asked by friends and family is what products to buy with Boots No 7 vouchers, and as Boots are currently giving their vouchers out at the moment I thought I would share with you what I would spend my money on. Personally I steer away from No 7 make up as I find that their products (bar their mascara) is a bit on the old fashioned side, If I want to buy any Boots own brand make up I'd head straight over to their 17 stand, as I find their products are a lot more on trend and there is more of a choice of products, as I feel No 7 place more emphasis on their skin care.

As you can see I've got a smallish collection of products from No 7 and from the above there's two products I highly recommend. First up is their Hot Cloth Cleanser which for me goes hand in hand with Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish - I always have a few bottles of this put away and is something which works for me. Obviously full price this is just under £10, however when buying it with the voucher, it is more affordable. I've done a full review of this here.

You will have seen my second recommendation in my 2014 favourites (link) and that is their Micro-dermabrasion Facial Scrub - simply amazing. I normally use this once a week to remove all dead skin from my face. As much as its micro-dermabrasion, this doesn't feel super abrasive on the skin and hasn't caused any breakouts or redness. All what I would recommend is heavily moisturise afterwards, to prevent your skin from drying out.

Now even though there are a few products pictured above which I wouldn't be mentioning - purely on the basis that I haven't even used them yet, two products to avoid are their Quick Thinking Wipes and their Eye Make Up Remover. First up the make up wipes -I've never known make up wipes to be as dry as these. Honestly I think I could place some loo roll on my face and it would be more effective than these. These don't remove any make up on my face, and I've resorted into using them to clean products prior to taking blog photos. 

Lastly is their Eye Make Up Remover, and as you can see you need to shake the product before using to mix the oils together. This is an ok eye make up remover, and does remove the 1001 coats of mascara which I normally use, however it leaves a greasy residue which is a nightmare to remove. It kind of reminds me of the old formula Botanics eye make up remover, but more greasier. Personally I would use Botanic's Micellar water over this. 

Hope this may have been some use to you - I'd love to know what you spend your No 7 vouchers on. All in the name of research obviously as I'm currently on a spending ban. Leave me a comment below or tweet me with recommendations.