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One of my New Years Resolutions was to get a new job - next week I start my new temporary post, nothing like achieving a Resolution early. For me the worst thing about the whole job interview process is the interview itself and what to wear. Do you go over dressed so everyone in the office knows what you're up to, or do you go under dressed and risk giving the interview panel the wrong impression. Today's post focuses on how you can find the perfect outfit for your next job interview.

Match the Company
If you're interviewing for a business that has a formal dress code, adhere to this. But the same goes for a company where employees wear casual outfits. You don't want to turn up to an interview wearing inappropriate clothing, as you will be left feeling self conscious and won't perform to the best of your abilities in the interview. Dress to impress but style your outfit accordingly.

The Formal Interview
For a company that operates with a formal dress code, aim to wear an outfit that is dressier than standard office wear. The perfect formal interview wear for both men and women is a suit. The most important thing about a suit is that it is well pressed, clean and fits perfectly. Make sure there are no stray pet hairs and that your suit doesn't hang from, or strain around, your frame.

Men and women, choose a suit in a dark colour. Grey, navy or black work equally well for an interview. Stay away from fashionable patterned or shiny suits, unless you're applying for a job in a fashion role. Team with a crisp white shirt and oxford shoes for men, or a blouse and simple heels for women. Make sure to be careful when accessorising. Choose simple and elegant jewellery or a classic watch.

When you have an interview and you're told its business casual, deciding what to wear can be a little confusing. But business casual should not be confused with everyday wear. Things you should not wear to an interview include: trainers, jeans, t-shirts or a short skirt. Mix and match casual items with more formal pieces. For example, women can wear fitted trousers with a blouse and a fitted cardigan, or a long sleeved plain skater dress with tights and brogues or formal pumps. For men, choose chino style trousers with a shirt and boat shoes.

Be Weather Appropriate
Interviews are difficult enough without adding physical discomfort to the mix. While it is impossible to tell how well air conditioned or heated your destination will be, it is a good idea to dress appropriately for the season to avoid being sweaty and uncomfortable or distracted by goose bumps and feeling cold. When you dress for an interview, think about the impression you want to make. Make sure clothes are clean, fit well, are wrinkle free and make you feel confident. Research the company and dress accordingly. But most importantly, good luck!

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