Since it was revealed that Kim Kardashian used Ben Nye's Banana Powder, everyone has been buying this to recreate the KK look. Believe it or not I purchased mine at IMATs last year and even though this has been a staple in my make up bags (more so for nights out), I've yet to review it. Now a bit of background into the Ben Nye powder range - there are two categories of powder Classic Translucent and then the Luxury powders. The classic powders are more heavier and ideally are used for theatre/tv (more professional application), and the luxury powders are more wearable for every day application.

However like the classic powders, the luxury powders are still translucent/sheer, but are more finely milled, yet still give the same level of coverage and a flawless look as the classic powders. It has been reported that Kim Kardashian used this for her under eye highlight and I normally use this to set my concealer under my eyes instead of using a powder. I find that this works and blends in on both my natural and tanned skin and is undetectable to the eye.

I find that the key to using this successfully, is use a little bit at a time - I normally use the lid for this and my Real Techniques Contour Brush. First up I'll apply this to my under eyes, then I will also use a small bit down my nose and on my forehead to set my foundation. As this is undetectable I honestly don't think its a crime that I'm applying this to basically my T Zone, but you never know. Believe it or not I actually prefer using this to my MAC MSFN before a night out to set my foundation. 

As you can tell from the picture a little goes a long way and considering this is nearly a year old, I've hardly made a dent into it. Would I recommend - yes, especially now how its much easier to buy online in the UK. Are you a fan of the banana powder?