As I type this I'm having to stop myself from writing FABB instead of FAB. However since getting balayage/ombre I've desperately been trying to find some extensions to match my hair, however I have found the perfect solution to creating the balayage effect without having to damage your hair with bleach. I've never heard of FAB extensions before, however the shade #T4/613 was the closest match to my brown/blonde there was. Now a bit of a disclaimer to make - I deliberately haven't included a picture of me wearing these, as my hair is in desperate need of some toner and a good cutting.

Regardless though, these extensions are ideal to create the balayage effect without having to subject your hair to bleach. It is worth noting that if this colour does match your hair, you would need at least 2-3 packs of this, as the hair is very thin. However if you're looking to add to existing extensions or maybe a flash of colour through your hair (providing your hair is a similar length or longer), these would be ideal. The colour range of these extensions are vast - you will be able to find a colour to match your own. How I would wear these is in the following order (from the base of my head upwards) -

Normal extensions / FAB extensions (x1) / Normal extensions / FAB extensions (x2) / Normal extensions / FAB extensions (x2). 

If I were to have my hair in a fishtail plait, or up, I would not use the last two FAB extensions. The extensions themselves are made from 100% human remy hair, so you can style, apply heat and colour like any ordinary extensions. I'm personally not dying these like I would with my other extensions as these fit in well to create the balayage look. What sets these apart from other brands is the fact that they come with two unclipped pieces which you can either sew the clips onto, or could use as testers if you wanted to apply colour. Also if you use pre-bonded extensions, the range caters for this too (link) - saving you having to pick the extensions apart. Are you a fan of the balayage look without the need to damage to your hair? What type of extensions do you prefer?

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