Since not using any gel polish on my nails since December, I finally managed to get my nails into a good condition. However come last Saturday, I decided to ruin all my efforts by shellacing my nails. Ironically this started to peel off the day after applying it, so instead of soaking the polish off, I decided to peel it off. Cue horrible nails. I'd initially planned this post to share with you, how I managed to get my nails back into good condition and you can guess what I'm going to be doing tomorrow.

First up after soaking any last remainders of shellac off my nails using acetone (I get mine from Home Bargains for 99p), I normally like to attack my cuticles using Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover (review here), putting a thick layer on and waiting five minutes before gently pushing my cuticles back with an orange stick. Then to remove my cuticles, I use my Tweezerman Grip and Snip Cuticle Snippers* which I am loving at the moment. I've done an in-depth review of these here, however since using these I've managed not to make myself bleed which is an achievement within itself.

After this, I'll normally wash my hands and find something else to do, as by this time I'm bored. However once that's done and dusted I'll apply two coats of Rimmel Nail Nurse onto my nails and then for the next week apply a coat of polish every other day. I'd say this has been the product to sort my nails out and the results are very similiar to the Dr Lewins Renunail Programme and OPI Nail Envy, but for a fraction of the price. Once nail polish is dry I'll apply a thick layer if OPI Avoplex (review here) onto my cuticles to prevent them splitting and a generous helping of my new favourite hand cream Korres Nourishing Hand Cream and jobs a good un. What products do you recommend for keeping your nails in good condition?