It's been a while since I've done one of these posts - I'll be honest they'd probably be the same week in, week out. However what's new since we last had a natter - I've gotten a new (temporary) job which should last until the summer. Although working the two jobs Monday-Wednesday is killing me - however I'm not complaining about the extra money. Which brings me nicely onto the picture above - it's time for a new handbag. I was debating whether to buy another Chanel however I'm leaning more towards the Saint Laurent bags. In Leeds next weekend so no doubt I'll pay a visit to Harvey Nics to have another look. That's all to report really,

Oh actually there's been the massive domain farce, however I'm glad to see that the new url is starting to filter through on google search for old posts which I am over the moon about. However cheers for the ball ache Go Daddy. Grrrr.