I'll be honest with you - part of me didn't want to have to post this, nor did I know how to write this without swearing and I've sworn far more than usual over the last 24 hours. Basically in a nutshell my old domain has expired and Go Daddy hadn't informed me that the url was due to expire. I've been through all my emails and there's been no emails from them since the end of November.

Luckily not being able to sleep on Tuesday night, I managed to spot that the blog had gone down just after midnight, however a spam site which is hosted by Go Daddy has bought the site. After speaking to some IT friends I'm unable to redirect old posts to the new site - so please only click on .co.uk links in Google. Basically Go Daddy are wanting me to pay large amounts to get my domain back which I'm livid about. Apparently its all one scam to get money out of people.

I've updated my links on here to point you to my new bloglovin link which I am waiting on transferring my followers from there over to the new account. If you have my old domain on any of your blogs etc, please can you change them to the new link as I don't want you or anyone having to be at risk of shitty spam. If you've come here through Twitter - hello, you have nothing to worry about. Anyway before I start crying again, I'm offski. However if anyone can send a miracle in trying to get a redivert onto my posts please let me know.