Sunday's should really be renamed pamper days, or the ultimate lazy day. As I'm currently undergoing a new nail strengthening programme (more of that in another post), Sundays for me is the day in which I normally give myself a full manicure and force myself to do the one job which I hate - trimming my cuticles. I think there has to be something in the water where I live, as my cuticles grow like wildfire.

Normally I try and put off trimming my cuticles as I normally will end up cutting myself and bleeding everywhere, or think I've done a decent job in trimming my cuticles and then find for the next week all the skin around my nails peeling right back. Personally I think my major problem has been the fact that I find my usual cuticle trimmers (pictured) hard to control. It's literally an art within itself to successfully trim your cuticles. However this has all changed since using Tweezerman Grip and Snip Cuticle Snipper and I couldn't recommend these enough. 

First up look at how far it opens compared to mine - it hardly opens, which enables better precision and control when using it. I found that I could easily cut my cuticles knowing that I was cutting the area which I wanted to cut. Also this works wonders in removing any skin around the nail too and bits of nail. The handle itself is something which I have never seen before and I was very sceptical in how to use it. However don't be fooled by the way it looks - it fits easily into your hand and is much easier to use than conventional snippers.

The only downside with this is the fact that its a bit harder to clean the blades if like my your cuticles are far too long, however I just wipe the blades with some cotton wool to get rid of pieces of skin (that sounds disgusting I know). Although I don't foresee this to be a problem if you keep on top of trimming cuticles. The price for this is slightly expensive, however with Tweezerman products there is a lifetime guarantee which comes with them. I've had tweezers resharpened by them in the past, something which other products on the market don't offer and will save you money in the long run. Would I recommend these? Without a shadow of a doubt.

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