Tweezerman Slant Tweezer Neon Pink

Tweezers - one of life's forgotten necessities. If you find the right pair they'll last you a lifetime (literally). I've always used Tweezerman tweezers to tackle my brows (the dinky white ones) and these have lasted me a good 6 years and they're still going strong. What sets Tweezerman tweezers apart from any other tweezer is the fact that they remain sharp and they're always as good as new. Over the last few weeks I've neglected my mini tweezers and moved over to their full sized slant tweezers in neon pink.

First up the colour - its very unlikely you'll loose these in your make up bags (always a bonus). Also what you will notice between the two sizes is the fact that the slant is near enough the same size which enables precision when plucking your brows. You'll notice that if you compare these with cheaper tweezers is the fact that the slants are much thicker and I would find I was plucking more hair than I should be (cue thin brows).

Obviously the price of these is going to put people off from buying them, however by paying the one off price the product comes with a life time guarantee. Therefore if these ever became blunt - you can get them resharpened for free. I'd bought a pair of the mini tweezerman for my mam a few years ago and I don't know how she managed to do it, but hers became blunt and she got hers resharpened. You don't see many companies offering that type of service to their customers. 

Personally I'm now a convert to the larger tweezers - I find them much easier to grip while tidying up my brows. Then again if the mini ones are closer I'll pick them up, its a case of six and two threes. Hands down I can not recommend these enough and this is one beauty tool you should invest in. Are you a fan of the Tweezerman range? You can see my post on their Cuticle Nippers here if you need any more convincing to buy into the range.

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