All Topshop except the Chanel

It's been a very long time since you've seen this ugly mug doing an outfit post, however I thought I would share with you my new favourite dress which I wore at Christmas and last month in Leeds. I've been looking for an oversized shirt type dress and saw this Kimono Wrap Dress for £85 from Topshop Boutique. Now I know that is expensive, however its silk and worth its weight in gold. Honestly I'm obsessed with it, and know it's going to be a staple in my wardrobe. A word of warning however this is very oversized - mine is a size 8 and it's still quite big.

In order to make it more fitted I matched it with this wrap belt (again from Topshop and not available online) - which makes it look more dressed and gives it that "I've just thrown this together (but spent hours on it)" look. The beauty of it being a black dress, means that I can wear any type of shoes - so in order to be able to walk about I paired it with my old faithful leopard print heels and used the medium Chanel as a clutch and I was good to go.

Oh and before I forget - on my lips I have Charlotte Tilbury's Penelope Pink lipstick which I am obsessed with, and I've had HD brows done too, Completely a convert for that too. That outfit picture was the best out of a bad bunch - wine had already been consumed,,,,