As we're officially into Spring now, I honestly can't wait for the lighter nights and brighter days, to be able to take decent photographs without having to attempt to over Photoshop. Anyway mini rant over – I thought I would share with you my current favourite perfume from Benefit which I have rediscovered while having a clear out. There was talk of Carmella being discontinued; however this is currently available on the Benefit website, normally trying to find this in store is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I managed to buy mine in Debenhams, however I would say online is your best bet.

Benefit has described this scent as floral vanilla – I can slightly smell the vanilla once it’s settled onto the skin, but I don’t get the floral aspects of it. Personally if you had to ask me what the notes of this are, I’d have to say coconuts. It reminds me of the scent of holidays with a slight hint of vanilla. If you’re a fan of girly scents, this will appeal to you, however a word of warning this does smell very strong once applied and can take a few minutes to settle on this skin. In terms of lasting times I’d say that this is on par with Tom Ford fragrances and really lasts on the skin. In terms of price, I’d say this is reasonably priced and due to the lasting power of this, you definitely get value for money. Are you a fan of this? What coconut scented fragrances would you recommend?