Well isn't this one for the books - Monthly Favourites actually up on the blog on the first day of the month. It's actually pained me not to include my Nars haul from the other day (link) as monthly favourites as I've been obsessed with them since getting my hands on them last week. February hasn't really been a month where I've been that bothered about what products I've been using, as work has been the death of me. However there have been a few products which have been lifesavers over February,

First up is the bloggers favourite Nuxe Reve de Miel which I have already reviewed previously (link) however this month this has been a life saver pre lipstick application. I love everything about this product - the consistency, the application and the scent. As I've been having a lazy month when it comes to make up, I've been reaching for MAC Harmony Blusher to add colour and some contour to warm my face up. Initially when I bought this I thought this could only be used when I'm tanned, however with a light hand this shade is the perfect contour/blush shade for all skin tones. I've even been reaching for this over my beloved Melba blusher and you know it needs to be something special to replace that. Normally I apply this with an angled brush and then blend with a clean Real Techniques Blusher Brush.

February was the month I said goodbye to my Benefit Brows and have converted to HD Brows. In order to fill my brows in I've been reaching for my Hi Impact Brow Palette, more so the dark brown shade (second from right). This shade is slightly more darker than Mac Mystery eye shadow, however I've found that this shade has been more complementary to my freshly tinted brows. The pigmentation of these shades are second to none and also double up as eye shadows. I've been using a clear mascara over the top to set my brows and trust me when I say nothing will budge the colour.

Over the last month I've been trialling a new multi-use argan oil from The Moroccan Argan Oil Co*, I don't want to go into too much detail about this as there will be a full review post coming up next week, however for the price, this is an amazing product for you hair and for your skin. Whilst on the topic of hair, as I've had my layers cut back in I've been loving Style Sexy's Clay Hair in the ends of my hair after slight back combing to give a textured look. With some styling sprays I feel like my hair looks and feels dry and ready to snap off, this doesn't do that. Instead your hair looks natural with a slighly matte finish which I am more of a fan of. Plus this easily brushes out your hair if you want to change your look. All in all I am loving this range. What were your February favourites?

* PR Sample