As far as cult products go in the beauty community Origins GinZing is up there – at one point everyone was raving about it and as desperate as I was to pick this up, I just didn’t bother. After seeing a special offer pack in Boots featuring a deluxe sample of their GinZing eye cream and their mascara for the same price as the moisturiser alone, I thought it would be a crime not to pick this up. Considering I’d never actually looked at this moisturiser at an Origins counter, I was expecting the consistency to be that of a normal moisturiser; however it’s more of a gel texture which has a cooling effect when massaged into the skin.

GinZing claims to plump and refresh your skin, as well as hydrating – does it meet these claims? Partially – refresh and hydrate, check. Plumping action? Nope. However a lightweight moisturiser which refreshes and hydrates my skin is a winner in my books. It appears that from reviews is that the citrus scent is what is commonly associated with this, and if you’re not a fan of citrus scents, I would recommend avoiding this. Personally I’m on the fence as yes the scent is quite overpowering and something which I personally can’t be dealing with first thing on a morning. However once this is worked into the skin the citrus scent near enough vanishes.

As this has been described as a “skin energy drink”, I have been using this on a night to try and make me look rested on a morning (I know I may be asking for a miracle here). As I am prone to suffering from dry skin I don’t use this if I feel like my skin is too dry as I don’t believe it has any effect and I wouldn’t recommend it to those who suffer from dry, dehydrated skin. This would be ideal for those who have normal/oily skin. As for the price, this is one of the cheaper products in the Origins range and as a little does go a long way, you are getting value for money. If you want to try this, keep your eyes peeled for this set as the miniatures will always come in handy for travel. What products do you recommend from Origins?