As I've been told by my hairdresser that under no circumstances is any more bleach allowed to be applied to the ends of my hair, otherwise I'm risking breakage, I've been on a mission to keep my hair in as best condition as possible. If I feel like I need to give my hair that extra bit of TLC there's one product I will reach for and that's Philip Kingley's Elasticizer. I can't remember if this is my second or third tub of this now, and trust me when you read all the hype around this - its worth it. Initially I was made aware of this from Steph when her naturally very dark brown hair was bleached silver and she suffered from major snapping - this was the one product she used to swear by.

The product itself is an intensive hair mask, which you apply prior to shampooing your hair. Normally I'll wet my hair, roughly towel dry to get rid of any excess water and then apply a liberal amount and comb though and pin my hair up. It's advised that this is left on for an hour, however I normally will leave this on for as long as possible then rinse and then shampoo as normal. As my hair is quite fine, I would normally skip using conditioner if I've used this. I find that this helps prevent my hair from snapping and also prevent my hair from moulting when it sees the shower. My hair feels stronger and much healthier after using this.

Now I know the price is rather high, however I would have to say that this is completely worth it and you can normally find this on offer online. However Marks and Spencer have now started to stock Philip Kingsley in their beauty section, which makes it much easier for me to pick this up. If you live in Durham the Arniston Centre store stocks this. An alternative cheaper product which works in a similar way (well I use it like I would use Elasticizer) is Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque. Are you a fan of the Philip Kinglsey range? What products do you swear by to give your hair some tlc?