Now and again I like to see myself as being a bit of a rebel and stirring things up with my skincare routine - taking things out, adding new things, and keeping some things the same. If you saw yesterday's post you will have noticed that I'm wanting a Kiehl's skincare splurge next month when I'm in Edinburgh and one of the things which I am toying with buying is their Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Anyway I'm digressing off the point - basically I'm only allowing myself to buy a serum if I can get my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum (£82 for 75ml) used up. Like I previously mentioned (post here) I'm on the fence about this, it does something to my skin, but what, I couldn't tell you. However I do know that once I've used this up, I won't be repurchasing.

Another introduction back into the skincare routine is an old faithful from Benefit and that's their It's Potent Eye Cream (£25.50). Since Benefit launched their skincare range, I have always been a massive advocate of their products. They smell amazing and really benefit (no pun intended) my skin - and this eye cream is no different. I have been known to keep this in the fridge if I'm super tired to reduce any redness and puffiness. I compared this their Puff Off Eye Gel (post here) and I prefer It's Potent as my go to eye cream. Now I know the price of this appears to be steep, however a little goes a very long way - honestly I haven't hardly made a dent in mine and I like to apply a thick layer of this (yes I know I've just contradicted myself) - so you are getting value for money, plus you can always stock up from ASOS when they have 20-25% discount codes. Next time you're at a Benefit counter ask for a sample of this.

Finally a new purchase (well I've had it a while) from Korres - their Magnolia Bark Day Cream (£24 for 40ml) which is targeted to prevent the early signs of wrinkles. As I'm currently using Origins GinZing as my night cream (post here) I've been using this on a morning (when I remember). The only reason why I bought this is due to the fact that I'd seen a Korres stand at Duty Free and got a little bit excited and picked random things up, I'd previously tried a sample of their Rose face cream and absolutely loved it, however as there was none on the stand I thought I would try this instead. The major downside with this product is the fact that I hate the scent, and its a scent which lingers on the skin - never a wise move to use when hungover feeling under the weather. However overlooking that, the cream contains vitamin E, ginseng and black tea to help prevent the early signs of ageing (that's not going to happen). I find that this hydrates my skin and gives it a bit of a glow, however I think now that I'm 30 I need to start to embrace becoming older (who am I trying to kid here). What skincare have you been adding to your routine lately?