What I would give to have that right now,.. Anyway if you read my previous tweet you will know what this post is going to be about... a rant about hoovers. Yes you read right, bloody hoovers. I tell you something this having a house malarky I am not impressed with. Once  upon a time, each time I got a temporary promotion at work, my first salary I would treat myself to something expensive. This time I thought I would put it towards a new DSLR, along with the money that I'd gotten with selling my old camera. Oh no my hoover has bloody broke and as this is a home necessity (along with sky) that money is going on a new dyson, FML.

I think if there was a prize for the worlds most randomist blog post - it would go for this. I think I'm far too delirious from the lack of sleep from doing two jobs. Plus I'm full of cold and spent most of the day sleeping - well after work and the gym. I'm hoping by having two days off I can get caught up with blog posts, the list of ideas for posts are immense and I really need to get cracking. So tomorrow will be a day of buying a new hoover, blogging and then job number two on the night. On a side note, what cameras do you use for your blog photography? I've sold my Nikon D40, and I've borrowed Steph's Nikon D3200 for the week to test that, but I'm thinking maybe to go down the Canon route? Let me know your thoughts, although to be honest with you I've been reaching more for my iPhone 6.

Apologies for the weird post - I need my bed (and a hoover).