Being ill has its advantages - namely the fact that my skin looks good, black circles are banished and any spots clear up. However for those days when my eyes are blacker than black (even when I've taken my mascara off), there's one concealer I'll reach for and that's the much hyped Instant Age Erase concealer from Maybelline. Initially when this first came out I resisted temptation and remained faithful to my Collection Lasting Perfection, however after seeing Tor use and rave about this on every time I saw her, I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. However trying to track down these, became a mission within itself - Superdrug was where I found mine at.

Unlike the American market, we only have two shades nude and light - I opted for light as this was the lightest. However I really want to try the Brightener shade, which is on my shopping list for Michelle or Rosie to get me when they visit the states in the summer. Anyway moving onto the product itself, I'm really not impressed with the applicator sponge, purely as I feel like this traps germs, however I'm sure I read somewhere that there is some sort of technology which makes it clean itself? I don't know if I'm barking up the wrong tree here.

Anyway onto the product itself - I'd say its medium coverage, which is easily buildable if needs be. I find that even though this is light, its slightly darker than my natural skin colour, yet too light if I'm tanned. However as I normally wear glasses during the day, the colour shade difference doesn't really bother me. It is worth noting that on my skin, this takes some setting and normally I'll use powder with this to speed the process up, otherwise I'm left with it on the inside of my glasses. What is good with this concealer is the fact that you don't waste product, anything which you don't use is saved in the sponge until next time.

As much as I like this concealer, if I hadn't bought it, I probably wouldn't be that fussed about it - maybe because of the lack of colour shades here in the UK. I definitely want to try the brightener shade, however I don't think I would repurchase, unless they brought out a lighter shade. However if you match either the light or nude shade, I would suggest trying it, but I'm really on the fence about this. Have you tried this concealer? What do you think?