Pink Warm and Cozy Body Mist - £5 (normally £18) - Victoria's Secret

Can you tell that I've deliberately waited until a Wednesday to post this and I've blatantly ripped off Mean Girls with the post title. While in Leeds at the end of February on a whim I ran into Victoria's Secret to grab another body mist to use for work and the gym and ended up picking up one of their Pink Warm and Cosy body mists. Now I'll be honest the only reason why I picked this up was due to the fact that all the Pink Body Mists were on offer for £5 and this was the one I preferred the scent of (except the coconut one - Sun Kissed).

Let's be honest, unless you're in America these have to be hands down the most over priced products known to man. Personally are they worth the expensive price? Nope, that's why I would suggest only purchasing while on offer or get someone to bring these back from the States. Anyway onto the fragrance itself - I don't find these to be as strong and linger on the skin as long as the original Victoria Secrets spray, however I find Warm and Cozy to be the type of scent which to many would think was perfume. 

It's claimed that Warm and Cozy has notes of both vanilla and peony - however personally I can only really make out the vanilla notes. I think that's why I went for that over Sun Kissed. Normally this lasts on the skin for a good 3-4 hours before I feel the need to reapply. Are you a fan of the Victoria Secret/PINK beauty range?