Quick Fix Facials Mega Moisture Mask Dry and Thirsty Skin Review

Whilst browsing the aisles of Boots looking for the Botanics stand to replace my All Bright Purifying Facial Scrub, I spied that my local store had started to stock Quick Fix face masks. If I’m honest I’d seen these in passing in Eldon Square Boots and mentioned very rarely on blogs, so given the opportunity to have a proper look at the products (and the fact it was on offer for £3) I thought it would be rude not to try something from the range.

A bit of background to the current state of my skin – it’s quite dry at the moment and I’m suffering from some breakouts. From looking at the range, I thought that I would try their Mega Moisture Mask would be best suited to my current skin. The consistency of the mask looks like any normal moisturiser – it’s quite runny for a mask and is very creamy. I’ve used this mask three times now and each time I have used more and more product on my skin. Unlike normal clay based masks, this doesn’t dry on the skin and looks like you’re waiting for moisturiser to soak into the skin. Some reviews have stated this this dries on your skin, however I haven’t found this to happen.

Normally I leave this on for 10-15 minutes and normally watch a YouTube video or do house work (ah the joys of being a home owner). The mask has hyaluronic acid in with which helps to add moisture back into your skin as well as Vitamin E and Marine Collagen, all of which act together to retain moisture and elasticity. Unlike other face masks I’ve tried this is practically unscented. There is a slight floral scent when you first apply this, however this literally disappears. I rinse this off in the bath using a warm muslin cloth and my face did feel smoother after using this and this lasted until the next day.

Personally I would have no problems continuing to buy this if I was looking for a moisture boosting face mask for a quick fix solution (clue is in the name) and would happily try other masks in the range. However I would be interested to see how this would work in the colder months. Are you a fan of the Quick Fix range? What masks would you recommend?